Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has already been seen as a big business trend for many years. However with the advancement of technology, now it is feasible, easily accessible and improves the way consumers interact with products and services.

It is possible to provide several interactive information about any object through mobile devices that have a camera and an installed AR application.

But how will Augmented Reality work in the sales arena?

Imagine the consumer inside a Construction and Decoration store. The goal of this customer is to buy various items for the renovation of your home, the first product that he plans to buy is an ink can.

By looking with the camera of your device for the image of one of the inks available in the store, it receives information such as product composition, video tutorials, searches, more offers and similar products, all organized in an interactive content, as well , he can decide which ink can to take after receiving such information that will help him.

Many companies are already using the technology.

In the furniture industry, for example, it has a brand that uses Augmented Reality to show its buyers how certain pieces of furniture would stay inside their homes.

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