Ideas Farm was hired by the agency Avathar to manage the entry control of the popular La Nuit party, held on the 30th at Caesar Park Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro. The access to the event was done through QR Code, using a solution of sending and check-in, via SMS, of Ideas Farm.

La Nuit was created by the luxury hotel chain Sofitel and has passed through cities such as Marrakesh, Bangkok and Dubai. Here in Brazil, he had an exclusive show by Jorge Ben Jor, besides the presence of Paola from Orleans and Bragança taking on the pick-ups, alongside the French DJs Gringo da Parada, Might Mezz & Greem and Cut Killer.  The technology coordinated by Ideas Farm allowed the personalities to receive, through SMS, the confirmation of presence along with a QR Code that, when being read by cell phones at the hotel reception, gave access to the party.  Among the guests were names like Romulo Arantes Neto, Caio Fischer, Jorge Pontual, Alexia Dechamps, Marcella Fogaça and Maria Carolina Sampaio.

La Nuit occupies three floors of Caesar Park, decorated in the Black and White style with a blend of textures and tropical plants, as well as modern furniture, signed by the Campana brothers. Another super event that Ideas Farm is proud to attend!


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